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MobileDemand xTablet T8700 Undergoes Severe Abuse



And you thought our abuse of MobileDemand’s xTablet T8700 was bad? Check this out!

Here is run down by clip of what they do to the xTablet T8700

Tablet PC Insanity

Short demonstration clips showing how much abuse the xTablet rugged Tablet PC can take.

By clip number:

1. We actually use an xTablet while it is turned on as a hammer to hammer in a roofing nail to two pieces of 1 by 8 pieces of wood.

2. The xTablet is suspended in air, 36” inches high, as we run a PowerPoint demonstration denoting the number of drops. You can hear the audio clip ““And when the machine breaks down, we break down.” It is a most appropriate phrase given how our customers use the tablets in mission critical processes. Our engineer presses a button and the tablet drops out of site.

3. A tablet hits the floor.

4. A tablet hits the floor again.

5. We are zoomed in to another clip of an online trailer of ““Speed Racer,” and while the camera zooms out the tablet starts shaking. It’s mounted inside of a Red Devil paint shaker and being shaken to the extreme! We used the accelerometer on the Tablet PC and showed it was taking up to 15 — 17 Gs while being shaken in the paint shaker and still running!

6. We drop a 15 ounce can of corn from about 40 inches directly onto the display of an xTablet. This demonstrates our new screen protection technology we’ve implemented in a few pilot and beta test units — to be released sometime in June or July of 2008.

7. A close up of the same can of corn hitting the display after falling 40 inches.

8. The xTablet rugged Tablet PC is rated to the military standard for ruggedness called MIL STD 810F. This calls for an electronic device to withstand repeated drops from 36 inches high to 2 inches of plywood over concrete. It calls for a total of 26 drops — one each to all flat surfaces, edges, and corners. Our ““Tablet PC Torture Chamber” provides a means for this test. You can see the number of drops and each orientation the tablet is placed into in the screen of the tablet. We run a PowerPoint presentation with each slide having the number of that particular drop orientation. You can see the yardstick that gives an indication of the height. We placed a slab of concrete (meant for air conditioners to be placed onto it) on the floor, then the two 1” rated plywood pieces screwed together (as you may know — making it actually 1.5” inches thick).

9. We show a close up of an xTablet on a turning table inside our ““Tablet PC Torture Chamber” being drenched by water.

10. We show the tablet again getting drenched while we are connected to YouTube showing a clip of Gene Kelly singing ““Singing in the Rain.”

11. The tablet continues to get drenched while it’s running a screen saver of an aquarium. The fish don’t mind so much getting wet.

12. A very close up clip of water running off the corner of the xTablet by the numeric keypad.

13. The xTablet is sitting face up and getting soaked while still operating.

14. The xTablet is face down now and we’ve heated it up so the CPU fan is running. We pour water directly into the CPU fan and heatsink well with no harmful results!

15. The Tablet PC is again used as a hammer to nail in three nails. Notice the accelerometer attached showing the real time G forces it experiences while hitting the nails. The second and third nails reach all the way through the boards and hit the concrete, so they can’t be nailed any further.


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