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MobileMe Subscribers Will Get a 25GB iCloud Sub Till June ’12



As a MobileMe subscriber I am excited to read that Apple will be giving me a 25GB iCloud account to replace my MobileMe account.

I can use it for no additional cost until June 30, 2012. The 20GB account plus the free 5GB will give us plenty of storage and far more than we ever had with a basic MobileMe account.

However, my excitement waned when I learned that the primary purpose for which I bought a subscription goes away with iCloud – sync of settings.

With iCloud, one of the most interesting new features in iOS 5 which will release today, you get online storage, backup and sync of 5GB for free. Users who didn’t have a MobileMe subscription can buy a 20GB plan for $40/year. A 55GB plan costs $100/year.

MobileMe never took hold with users and few of us actually signed up. I wanted the ability to sync my data and settings between computers once I got my second Mac. But was this really worth the $69 I paid Apple for the privilege? No! I would not have signed up for a second year unless things changed drastically. And now they have.

MobileMe users can move to iCloud with free 25GB till June 30, 2012

MobileMe users can move to iCloud with free 25GB till June 30, 2012

With iCloud you get data storage in the cloud. That alone might be worth something since no one gives you as this much backup space for free. In comparison to some of the other online storage services, iCloud looks like it has a competitive feature set. Better than just a backup/sync service, iCloud will let you store all of your content purchased from Apple’s various media stores – music, video, apps and books.

What’s more, the storage limits will not be affected by this purchased content. So, for example, if you have 8GB of iTunes purchased music, that won’t count against your 25GB. You can save that space for documents, pictures and other content you have stored on your hard drive. Any new iTunes content will also not count against your limit. In effect you get unlimited storage for purchased content.

Apple often does right by its users and this is welcome news for those who used MobileMe primarily for storage and personal information management. Suddenly my MobileMe subscription doesn’t look like such a horrible choice, especially since it was set to expire in March and will now be extended to June with more features.

The lack of settings synchronization disappoints me so I’ll be looking for a new solution to keep all my Dock icons, email accounts and program settings in sync between my computers, but the original price wasn’t worth it for this feature anyway.

Requirements for MobileMe to iCloud migration

Requirements for MobileMe to iCloud migration

The new iCloud web site is live without the beta moniker. However, it won’t be that useful to you unless you have Lion 10.7.2 and iOS 5. MobileMe users can migrate their account at the site. After you get iOS 5 you will be able to take full advantage of the iCloud site.

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  1. kajos

    10/17/2011 at 1:37 am

    All of you were starting iTunes only after MobileMe or what?? In case i had even before MobileMe subscription the iTunes account and all purchases i ever did are till now done only via iTunes account, i`m in trouble now!!! Right?

    How can i avoid now canceling MobileMe usage 1/2 year before my expiration time, how can i utilize now 25GB extra free etc. if i cannot go to iCloud with my current MobileMe account – as all Music, Video, Apps for devices were purchased via older iTunes account???

    Thanks for any idea…

  2. Pablo Torrealba

    10/24/2011 at 3:03 pm

    I don´t know if the 99$/year was a good or bad deal. I paid for it, basically for all the services Mobile me could offer (sync between devices was one important for me, the other was the iWeb space for our family web page). But now, if i want to use the “free” iCloud services, i must: get a new iPod; buy for the Lion update on my home Mac… So it’s now 300$ for the new iPod (if I want to be able to keep all the music and apps from my present 16GB iPod) + 30$ for Lion… And I will loose all my work creating a family web page, and will most probably need to pay for it in a new service… So I don’t see iCloud as a very good deal for me!

  3. Bob

    10/28/2011 at 12:55 pm

    In my humble opinion, if I pay $500 for an I phone and then $999 for a Mac, Apple can give me the iCloud for free. It already exists anyway-and Apple didn’t create it. Hotmail had the same concept and gave it to users for free. This is just an example of gouging …$$$$

  4. Ron

    01/29/2012 at 12:12 am

    I have switched to iCloud, but I still have the mail, ical and address book icons. Will iCloud eventually take these over?  My address book is not totally sycing with iCloud.. And the iCloud has tabs where mail doesn’t.. Sorry as I am new to apple

  5. G Osborn

    02/10/2012 at 9:53 pm

    I have a good intel Imac 2006 pre Core Two Duo and a good Mac Mini also pre Core Two Duo. Both run Parallels with XP. I have been a .mac user forever , What do I do come June,  bin my computers and buy two new machines and also new Windows 7 or 8.

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