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MobileMe Users To Get Another 60-Day Extension



MobilemeApple’s MobileMe woes continue and so do the extensions for customers who purchased the service. Yesterday, Apple announced that customers would receive an additional 60–day extension of the MobileMe service they paid $99 for. This is on top of the 30–day extension already granted. Touted as Exchange for the rest of us, MobileMe promises file syncing across devices and platforms and obviously needs some major work before it is ready for prime time.

This news came at about the same time that Apple released a firmware update for the iPhone and iPod Touch taking it to version 2.0.1. While there is no official word, there are reports that the update has fixed some of 3G connection issues that some users were experiencing, while others are saying they see no difference. (I know Matt Faulkner reported that on his iPhone the reception in his house went from 3 bars to 5 after the update. I’m not in a 3G supported area, so it is tough to tell if there is any improvement here.)  As is typical (and just plain silly), Apple doesn’t say anything specific about what the update was targeted to fix beyond a generic “bug fixes,” leaving users to guess what they are looking for.

There is also word that a beta of a 2.1 update is circulating prior to a September release, and that this update will pull the Push notification framework.

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