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Mobility Today Podcast And The UMPC



Dave Ciccone and gang’s Mobility Today podcast touches on the UMPC/Origami and Tablet PC front every now and then. Show #69, the most recent, has just such a conversation that takes a look at the UMPC/Origami in comparison to a couple of other ultra-mobile form factors, the Sony UX and the DualCor cPC. Although some of the conversation tends negative about the UMPC (not unfairly so) it is nothing we haven’t heard before, but the context in comparison with the other devices makes this podcast worth a listen in my view.

Intriguingly the show also delves into Zune news and rumors and it got me thinking a bit. From what we know about Zune (and we don’t know a lot) it certainly looks like it is targeted at an entirely different sector than the UMPC (remember some thought Orgiami was going to be the iPod killer, and now that is the newly hyped mantle for Zune.) It makes me wonder what impact Zune will have on the UMPC’s original consumer orientated approach. I think so much depends on how the supposed Zune software service rolls out and how easy (or not) it will be to sync with other devices. I haven’t seen any commentary on this yet, and that might be becasue of UMPC’s less than stellar rep in the media right now. Curious to know if anyone else has any thoughts on this.

Here’s the link to the podcast.

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