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Mobility with portables – Tablets get the edge



Logo_gcn_smallEdmond DeJesus, writing for Government Computer News, provides a walk-thru for some things to consider when purchasing a Tablet PC’s in a vertical market.  At first, I thought the article was a little basic, but after finishing the article, I found that all the points listed should be considered by anyone making a Tablet PC purchase for their company.  One of the points mentioned in the article deals with providing the equipment needed for the job, it’s important to consider the users of the device first:

It’s important to remember a counterintuitive point about tablets in the field: You don’t want them capable of more than is necessary. Here’s why: Suppose that your user is a manager in a factory-type environment who has to wear protective work gloves while tracking materials or processes on a portable PC. A keyboard-based device would be a waste: Your heavily gloved worker can’t use it. Besides, the worker doesn’t need to enter a lot of complex information on a high-powered PC; he simply needs to enter data by poking at choices on a touch screen.

There is also a nice PDF of vendors that has many of the top vertical Tablets on the market – specs, phone numbers, links and pricing included. 

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