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Modern Notebook Stand with Cable Management



Fingers Notebook Stand

As much as we like to be wireless, there are some wires we’ll never be without, and a true docking station is not always an option. For those like me who prefer the clean-cut, streamlined look on their desk, the whole problem of cables can come up too frequently – how to manage them, not lose them behind the desk, and generally keep the desk looking clean.

In steps the new Fingers Notebook Stand. Made from clear acrylic, it has slots all along the back side to hold those pesky cables in place and the front edge acts as a ledge for the back of your notebook to rest on, providing an extra inch or so of clearance under the back for better cooling and screen height. Some people also prefer it for the increased typing angle, although having the back raised always makes my wrists hurt. Still, this sleek design could definitely have a place in an secondary office where you don’t have a docking station. At only ₤15 plus shipping from the UK, it should be an affordable option.

via Yanko Design

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