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Moga Ace Power iPhone Controller Official, Priced at $99



After being leaked out late last month, the Moga Ace Power is finally now official and will be available at retail stores shortly. The controller is pretty much identical to what we saw last month, with just a few minor changes. The Ace Power resembles an Xbox controller with its XYAB button layout and the two joysticks on either side with the D-pad to finish it out.

The Ace Power costs $99, which is a bit expensive for a controller of any kind, but this one does include an internal battery that can juice up your iPhone to make it last longer during those marathon gaming sessions on the road. An iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5 or a fifth-generation iPod touch can fit into the controller and be plugged into the included Lightning port.

This marks the first MFi gaming controller (Made For iPhone) to be released to the market, allowing iOS gamers to play their favorite games without being hindered by touchscreen controls, which can be a little finicky at times if you’re not used to them. Personally, I can’t stand touchscreen controls, so I’m pretty excited that official controllers are starting to be released finally.


Apple announced the MFi initiative at WWDC earlier this year when the company unveiled iOS 7 for the first time. Since then, we’ve been treated with leaks, including a Logitech iPhone controller that is hopefully on its way soon.

Currently, there are a handful of games that offer iOS 7 controller support, including Asphalt 8: Airborne, Bastion, Dead Trigger 2 and Oceanhorn. Obviously, more games will support iOS 7 controllers as time goes on, and we’re guessing mobile game developers will help improve the software side of things to make compatibility better for gamers.

The Ace Power will be available to purchase on Moga’s website soon. They currently feature the new controller, but are not taking orders just. You’ll also be able to find the new controller at Apple retail stores, but we’re not sure when we’ll see them pop up officially.

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