Moga iPhone Gamepad Leak Reveals Xbox 360 Controller Similarities (Update)
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Moga iPhone Gamepad Leak Reveals Xbox 360 Controller Similarities (Update)



Another iPhone controller has been leaked, and this time around it’s made by mobile gaming accessories maker Moga, who is best known for its Android gaming accessories mostly. However, according to mobile insider evleaks, Moga is planning to release a controller for the iPhone.

According to the leak, the device will be called the Moga Ace Power and will reportedly come with an 1,800mAh battery to complement the iPhone’s built-in battery so that your gaming sessions will last longer. The Ace Power looks a lot like an Xbox 360 controller, with the same XYAB button layout, as well as two joysticks and a D-pad.


It’s slightly similar to the Logitech iPhone controller that we saw earlier this month, except the Moga version looks to be a collapsible model that can be easily stashed into a bag without taking up much room. The Moga version also looks to be a lot more ergonomic to hold compared to the Logitech version, which is simply just a block with buttons on it.

Apple announced at WWDC earlier this year that Moga would be providing iPhone gaming products, so there’s a good chance that this product we’re seeing today is real, even though it’s simply a leak. We’re not putting any money on it yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw the Ace Power releasing at some point in the future.


Judging from the leaked photos, your iPhone can be docked into the controller through the Lightning connector, and it looks like the four red LED lights are part of a battery indicator that might be designated for the controller’s 1,800mAh battery. There’s also a small switch at the bottom of the controller, which is a mystery to use, but it might be for collapsing the controller when you take your iPhone out of it.

UPDATE: evleaks has posted more photos of the Moga iPhone controller on his Google+ page.

There are bound to be many game developers working on integrating official iPhone controller support into their games, including Crytek, which showed off support earlier this year during WWDC, but it’s still a mystery as to what controller support will look like when it’s officially launched. Hopefully, many popular games will be on board and we’ll be able to finally play games on our iPhones without it being weird with annoying touchscreen controls.

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