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Moga’s Hero Power and Pro Power Android Controllers Now Available



The wait is finally over for Android users who have been in search of  a way to play their favorite Android games with all the physical controllers they would expect from a dedicated gaming console. Moga’s Hero Power and Pro Power controllers are now officially available from the company’s retail site.

The first of the two, dubbed the Moga Hero Power, retails for $59.99. It includes every button users might expect from a traditional controller including two joysticks, a directional-pad and top-mounted bumpers. As its name suggests, The Moga Hero Power allows users to game just  longer thanks to a built-in 1800 mAh battery that can charge the user’s Android device. This device also includes a locking arm that allows users to lock their smartphone to the top of the controller for a handheld console-like experience.

The Moga Pro Power includes all the same technology but boasts a 2200 mAh internal battery so that users can enjoy their favorite gamers even longer than with the Moga Hero Power. The Moga Pro Power also features a slightly elongated shape so that users can get a more comfortable grip on the controller.  The Moga Pro Power costs $79.99.

The Moga Pro Power.

The Moga Pro Power.

Users don’t have to plug-in their smartphones if they’ve already got a full battery. That’s because both controllers feature Bluetooth technology that allows them to pair with smartphones running Android 2.3 or later.

While users can order both controllers directly from Moga today, the company says it expects the controllers to arrive  on store shelves later this month too. Retail partners include Best Buy, GameStop and Target. Moga also has deals to bring the Hero Power and Pro Power controllers to Sprint and Verizon stores later this month.

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While these two controllers aren’t compatible with the iPhone, Moga has already confirmed that its working on the Moga Ace Power, a controller that will allow iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c users to play games without having to use on-screen controls as well. There’s still no word on when users might so the Moga Ace Power on store shelves.

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