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MoGo To Introduce New BlueTooth Headset that Charges In Phone Case



mogo-outThe MoGo folks make one of my favorite accessories, the MoGo Mouse, and it looks like they might be up to something with a just announced new BlueTooth headset called the MoGo Talk.

The headset is contained in your phone’s case (in this instance they are releasing an iPhone version first) and charges while in that case. This could be a major convenience for BlueTooth Headset users as many come with proprietary charging cables and connectors that can often be left behind.

The MoGo Talk earpiece folds out and sticks in your ear and as you can see in the video (after the jump) the headpiece works to make it easier for you to hear.

Credit to CrunchGear for the video and aslo a contest where they are giving 50 of these away and also coupons for 30% off. These go on sale this summer at $99.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sumocat

    06/09/2009 at 1:57 pm

    Sweet! This combines two things I like: a case with utility (I dislike cases that are just cases) and a place to carry one’s headset (which I partially blame for turning us into Borgs).

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