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Moleskine iPhone 6 Case Review



The iPhone 6 is almost three months old, which isn’t a lot of time, but a bevy of protective cases are already available for Apple’s latest flagship. However, some users want a snazzy-looking solution, which is where Moleskine’s new iPhone 6 case comes into play.

If you like Moleskine’s line of notebooks, then you’ll most likely enjoy the iPhone 6 case, although the case is made out of regular leather, while the notebooks are made out of oilcloth, but if you like the nifty elastic band that holds it all together when it’s closed, then you won’t be disappointed.

The case includes a plastic frame to snap in your iPhone 6, and it’s actually much easier to snap in and out compared to a lot of plastic cases that I’ve tried over the years, yet it stays snug and won’t accidentally fall out.

The Moleskine case also includes a couple of pockets on the inside flap that allow you store credit cards, cash, notes, and whatever else will fit inside. Essentially, it could double as a wallet case of sorts, although the pockets aren’t quite ideal for full-time use with credit cards and cash, and there’s no dedicated pocket for a driver’s license or anything, but that shouldn’t really stop you from getting a case like this.


A case like this certainly isn’t for everyone. Many users won’t like the book-like style and it certainly adds some bulk to your iPhone 6, which is a device that’s naturally slim and really easy to pocket. With the Moleskine case, you definitely won’t be able to fit it in your pocket, so be prepared to either just carry it or throw it in a bag that you have with you.


One thing I do like about using these kinds of “notebook cases” is that it disguises your iPhone quite well, possibly decreasing the chances of someone swiping it. If you accidentally leave it at a table while you go use the restroom or something, any potential thief could look at it and simply just think it’s a cheap pocket notebook, rather than an actual smartphone, so that’s definitely one feature that many users may like about the Moleskine case.


As for left-handers, you’re pretty much out of luck. The Moleskine case is not kind to left-handers. It can work if you’re flexible, but forget about thumb texting with both hands, because it won’t work (for both left-handers and right-handers). Overall, you use a lot of versatility when you use a case like this.

As for drop protection, the Moleskine case is pretty good at that, essentially because it covers the entire iPhone with a thick layer of leather, and if you do drop it, you’ll just here a dull “thump” with a perfectly good iPhone 6 laying on the ground. The case itself might get some scuffs, but the iPhone 6 encased on the inside is very well protected, so it’s a good solution for those who are extra paranoid about dropping their devices.


In the end, the Moleskine iPhone 6 case is a good-looking solution for those that already enjoy the look and feel of Moleskine notebooks, and it’s a classy case that you can take with you to almost any occasion. However, it’s not for everyone and notebook-style design gets rid of a lot of the versatility of the iPhone 6, and it’s not as convenient as some traditional case, as you simply can’t just slide it in your pocket.

It’s a case that will either have you wanting it with all your might, or staying away from it like the plague. It’s a quality case that deserves attention, but traditional cases will always be traditional for a reason.

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1 Comment

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