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More About Those Emotional Attachments



CloudYesterday I linked to Alistair Dabbs blog post, No Emotional Attachment to Paper. Mr. Dabbs has started quite an interesting conversation. Josh Einstein has left some interesting comments here at GBM and also on Mr. Dabbs’ blog. Sumocat has a fascinating post on his blog, Sumocat’s Scribbles. as well. The conversation has also morphed a bit into a meme around our future data being stored in a cloud for access anywhere, anytime, with any device.

I used to not be a big proponet of the “data in a cloud” apporach, until I picked up the PPC 6700 and started using it a part of my everyday workflow. I didn’t like the idea of having what I needed on someone else’s server. My opinions are changing because of the mobile device solutions I’m choosing. How about yours? How much does the medium we store our thoughts in or on affect those thoughts?

Wonder what Marc Orchant thinks?

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