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More Details on the Asus R50A UMPC



Asus R50Ajkkmobile has picked up some more details (actually press info) on the Asus R50A UMPC.  Here’s the quote from the Asus site:

The R50A is the first UMPC that reaches the full potential of the platform. Only with the R50A do users get GPS, a webcam, 3G/ 3.5G connectivity, and full notebook functionality, making the R50A the one indispensable gadget for everyone.

There are still some unkowns on this device, and the press blurb doesn’t delve into enough detail to really explain things, but with talk about using a pen with an eraser, “full notebook functionality” and other sketchy info we’ve picked up, could it be that the Asus R50A might actually be a UMPC that is acceptable for Inking? Another interesting question of note:

Could this be a “slate” only UMPC? This seems to indicate yes.

The R50A has ample power to support the most popular office and productivity applications. With ASUS InfoPen software, users can record and edit on the R50A’s 1024 x 600 screen as easily as they could on a piece of paper.

As do these specs on UMPC Buzz which only mention an external keyboard. The Active Matrix TFT screen is certainly interesting.


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