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More Early Thoughts on the HP TX2051



I’ve been really enjoying both the Inking and the Touch capabilities on the HP TX 2051 that I’m evaluating (when I can keep it out of Rob’s hands). But I do have a few niggles.

The screen is my biggest one niggle. The layering that gives it excellent touch and active digitizter capability makes the screen a bit grainy. Add to that the glossy finish on the screen and you’ve got some pretty severe limitations on viewing angles. If you’re in a room with flourescent lights, you’ll have difficulties viewing the screen. At least I do. If you tilt the screen away from you while in slate mode then you’ll see an immediate degradation of what you’re viewing.

This is a heavy Tablet PC, and that of course is due to everything that is loaded on it, especially the extended battery. With the standard battery it is listed as 4.3lbs, but with the extended battery it feels closer to 5lbs.

The glossy case is pretty and has a nice etched design in it. It does attract quite a few fingerprints and smudges though and it can get pretty dirty relatively quickly.

There are a light of little Blue LED indicators on this device. Several of them are for media playing. The one to repeat a song looks very similar to the rotation button for screen orientation and both Rob and I have hit it unintentionally when we were trying to rotate the screen.

These are just a few thoughts and niggles as I continue to work (and play) with this evaluation of the HP TX 2051.

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