More Elite Dangerous Horizons Release Details Arrive

After months of teases and discussion there are new Elite Dangerous Horizons release details to consider. This week developer Frontier confirmed some new release details for the game. That includes some unsavory news for owners of Microsoft’s Xbox One entertainment console.

Frontier revealed the new Elite Dangerous Horizons release details this week in a press release sent to Gotta Be Mobile. Elite Dangerous is a trading and adventure game set in space. There are ships to command, generated star systems to explore and more. Elite Dangerous Horizons is a massive expansion for the base copy of the game that adds a new first-person shooting mechanic. The game first arrived on the Xbox One in June when Microsoft and Frontier revealed it was coming to the console. It left the game preview program for Xbox One last December.


Frontier doesn’t describe the Elite Dangerous Horizons release is a massive expansion, but as a season of new updates coming over time. Previously, players could explore the galaxy and mine for resources. The first feature that Elite Dangerous Horizons adds are Planetary Landings. Beginning with this update, players can explore physical words with their own physics and geography. There should be a lot of planets to visit with the Planetary Landings update, Elite Dangerous Horizons spans the entire galaxy. Players roam these worlds in a new lander.

Listed as coming soon for Elite Dangerous Horizons owners are customization options for looting and crafting, the ability to have more than just a single crew on star ships, a creation tool for each player’s character and carrier ships that can launch small fighters in combat situations. Frontier hasn’t said exactly when these pieces of new content will arrive, just that they are a part of the Elite Dangerous Horizons package and won’t cost players any extra.

Launching separately is Elite Dangerous 1.5, which adds some ships and includes, 300 improvements and support for Steam VR. This update is available on PC Mac and Xbox One, which highlights the bad news for Xbox One owners. Steam VR is a virtual reality headset that’s expected to launch in the coming year. Elite Dangerous will still get updates even as the newer game gets features.

A new trailer for Elite Dangerous Horizons begins with scenes of the moon being explored. As video cuts to different planets in our own Solar System, audio from former President John F Kennedy’s famous speech announcing that Americans would set foot on the moon can be heard. In the next scene there are spacecraft landing on distant worlds, releasing SUV-sized rovers for players to explore in.

It seems that this week’s Elite Dangerous Horizons release is specifically for PC gamers. Its available through Steam and Frontier’s website only today. Frontier is only confirming that it’ll have more to say about Elite Dangerous Horizons for Xbox One and “other formats” in the future. Theoretically, that means Xbox One owners can forget about getting the game before 2016.

It’s not getting a lot of attention, but Elite Dangerous is a huge leg up for Microsoft. To stoke sales of their consoles and accessories, both Microsoft and Sony routinely sign contracts with developers and publishers that limit titles to their platform. Elite Dangerous is one of the games that Microsoft has signed a deal for. The Xbox One is the only console to offer Elite Dangerous.

Elite Dangerous and Elite Dangerous Horizons can’t be purchased in store. The Xbox Store has Elite Dangerous available for $37.49. When it does arrive in the Xbox Store Elite Dangerous Horizons will cost $59.99, if the game’s Steam listing is indicative of the publisher’s plans for other formats.

Players don’t need the original game to play Horizons, but all of their progress does transfer over.