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Evernotebeta1The InkShow review of EverNote that I posted yesterday is getting quite a bit of attention (I hope you watch it. This software is a real game changer.) and I’ll be blogging much more on this soon. A couple of things to quickly update on though.

  1. The public beta was scheduled for March 25, but has been pushed back a bit because the private beta has been very successful since it was extended to quite a few folks and the EverNote team wants to make sure they are ready to go when they publicly launch.
  2. If you’re looking for an invite to the private beta, I have a few available at the moment so leave a comment on this post. First come, first serve. We’re also getting more to pass out shortly.
  3. EverNote CEO Phil Libin has sent me a wave of information that I’ll be posting up soon, but one thing I wanted to comment on right away. I mentioned in the review that I could not operate EverNote on the iPod Touch. I get an message saying the browser isn’t supported. Intriguingly, Phil notes that he can use it on his iPhone. I didn’t realize that there were differences between those two browsers, but I guess there are.



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