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I love these Microsoft Research projects.

I posted this the other day about Microsoft Research, so wanted to share this video with you today.  The video is about the use of “projection technology”, so you may be curious as to what this has to do with and mobility.

We need this kind of thinking to overcome a lot of the traditional barriers to Tablet PC and Ultra-Mobile PC adoption.  I realize that this technology is a ways off, but can you imagine being able to lay your Tablet PC or Ultra-Mobile PC on a desk somewhere, or in a dock somewhere and being able to maniuplate screens, images, etc. as they do in this video?  Or how about embedding the “Coffee Compass” (have to watch the video to understand) in an Ultra-Mobile PC to use to get around your day?  I would also love to see the “Minority Report” type handling of screens, etc. built right into a digitized Tablet PC or Ultra-Mobile PC screen.  How about having the “projector” built right into your Tablet PC so that you can project it’s screen on any surface and write right on top of it?

Boggles the mind when you start looking at applying this kind of technology.  Check out the video, then turn on your creative juices.  What kind of great UI ideas does this generate in your head?

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