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More Fujitsu U810 UMPC Reviews Coming In



I can’t remember where I saw this headline, but it does a good job of highlighting just how small the Fujitsu U810 UMPC is:

“Did Frodo Lose His Laptop?”

Great, huh? Anyway, we’ve got more user reviews coming in on the U810 from various sources.

The first one is from Steve Hoffman of Active Ink Software. He’s being testing the U810 to see how it would work for his customers to ink forms. I think you’ll find his insights regarding ink very helpful. Check it out.

The second one is a video review from GBM reader Marauderz – see below.

It is a shame that it appears Fujitsu is not using the same palm rejection technology they used in the P1610, as vectoring / ink bleeding issues are reporting in from just about everywhere.

Video: Fujitsu U1010 Quick Look


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