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More Interesting Apple Touch Tech



image What is going to be released next from Apple a full blown Tablet or just some more touchy features added to the MacBook or MacBook Pro?  In this new news, Apple is using voice, the whole keyboard and a camera to move around OSX.  Pretty cool if you ask me!  Part of this is already around in Vista with the speech features built right in the OS – I can copy and past or navigate where I want with voice commands easily.  But, if you aren’t in a quite office and can’t use speech, maybe this idea of using a camera would be a good idea.  Hand gestures to control some extra functionality could work out well, but I do see some issues.  What if you are docked or crammed on an airplane?  Would the camera be sensitive enough to work at a greater distance or in a more confined area?  Hit up the USPTO if you want to read about the submission to the patent office by Apple.

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