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Ben Wilson of wrote an interesting opinion piece about whether Apple should enter the Tablet PC market.

Apple’s continuing expansion into digital devices, combined with market pressures, could lead the company to consider a foray into tablet PCs. However, analysts doubt that such an initiative would be in Apple’s best interests just now. (…)

While a few Windows nuances have made it into the Mac OS interface, Apple has traditionally borrowed very little from Microsoft.  And it seems that in terms of the possibility of an Apple tablet debut, that tradition is not likely to change.

It’s a very interesting read, but the really surprising part – it was written in 2002. The majority of the pro and con arguments in the article are just as fresh today as they were nearly 6 years ago. The media was already swarming around the idea of an Apple Tablet back in 2002. A little bit of perspective from history can make us realize how much we really chase our tails on some of the “new” ideas. 

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