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More OQO Model 02 SSD Tests



I’m doing some more comparison tests on the OQO Model 02 1.6 ghz 32 GB SSD and the Model 02 1.5 ghz 60 gb 4200 rpm units.

Chippy, from, asked me to install HD Tune on both the SSD and Non-SSD Model 02’s. I did and ran the benchmarking tests. The results are pretty remarkable. It is the fastest UMPC / Ultra Mobile Tablet PC I’ve ever used – period.

Model Min Transfer Rate Max Transfer Rate Average Access Time Burst Rate CPU Usage
Model 02 1.6 ghz 32 GB SSD 19.6 mb / sec 46.6 mb / sec 39.8 mb / sec .3 ms 36.6 mb / sec 21.7%
Model 02 1.5 ghz 60 gb 4200 rpm 9.0 mb / sec 22.5 mb / sec 17.8 mb / sec 20.3 ms 50.7 mb /sec 7.1%









BTW – Battery life on the SSD OQO Model 02 is showing to be about a 45 improvement over the HDD model. I just ran 4 or 5 HD Tune tests on battery, and the SSD is showing about 5.5 hours left, the HDD model showing about 4.75 hours left. I’ll do more testing on that.


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