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More powerful Origami Ultra Mobile PCs on the way –



EcsWell, there is a lot of hope for the V2 line of Ultra-Mobile PC’s.  So what is actually on the horizon?  This interview with Stanley Chen, of UMPC maker Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) has a few small hints:

“We want to develop a UMPC with Intel’s Yonah, the Core CPU, but keeping the same form factor,” Stanley Chen, of UMPC maker Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), told at the Computex trade show in Taipei. ……

……We also hope to offer GPS and a digital TV tuner as options,” said Chen, who is a product specialist in ECS’ notebook and PC business unit. There was concern that these extra components would add weight, he admitted. As well as adding features, ECS wants to address one of the UMPC’s biggest problems: poor battery life of around two hours. “We definitely want to improve battery life, ideally to over three hours,” said Chen.…..”

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