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More Samsung Q1 Ultra info coming out



In addition to the specs and press release for the Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC, the Q1 Ultra manual ( PDF ) and a detailed specs / usability webpage are also available.

For those asking, the VGA out port is still there ( see below ).

1. Windows Security Button
    Pressing this button is the same as pressing the
    <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<Del> keys on the keyboard.
    Press the Stylus Pen.
2. Power IN Jack
3. LAN Port
4. USB Port
5. Monitor Port
6. Stylus Pen / Stylus Slot

Checkout this enhancement, from the Samsung overview specs webpage ,that allows the strap to be used in helping hold the device with one hand.

Here is some information on the new mouse / joystick functionality. The new trackstick will double as either a mouse or an 8 way directional joystick (for gaming I presume )


And here a link to some of the new software included on the Q1 Ultra


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