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More Tablet PCs in Healthcare



Apparently Emergency Health Center, a new "luxury" emergency room in Willowbrook, TX, aims to get patients in and out of the emergency room in 90 minutes or less. Although with gourmet coffee and an Xbox to keep you company, you may not want to leave. From my standpoint, the coolest part (aside from the coffee) is that they’re using Tablet PCs to track all of the patient information, and actually talking about the Tablet PCs as a feature. From their website:

Our “EHC Advantage” check-in system and tablet-PC patient registration guarantees you a fast, convenient and painless check-in. While our patients are treated by board-certified emergency medicine physicians, their family and friends can sit back in our lounge area and enjoy complimentary coffee and juice, wireless internet access, a plasma screen TV and a children’s play center with mobile entertainment systems.

I couldn’t tell what brand of Tablet PC they use.

via Click2Houston

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