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More Toshiba annoyances



As I blogged about yesterday, I’m testing out a Toshiba M400 Tablet PC for a client. Here is another item to put in the “Why?” column.

I downloaded Vista 5472 and was going to install it in a Dual-Boot scenario. With the M400, comes a DVD / CD Burner that uses Sonic’s Record Now. After downloading 5472, I went to burn the ISO using Sonic Record Now. The problem is that the bundled burning software is the Basic Edition and doesn’t support burning an ISO. To get that funtionality, I have to upgrade to at least the Deluxe version that will cost me a minimum of an extra $30. I know I can find free software out there, but that is not the point.

So, I copy the ISO to my portable USB drive, drop it over on to my wife’s T-42 Thinkpad and burn it there. The Thinkpad also comes bundled with Sonic Record Now, but it is the Business Edition, and it supports burning an ISO. I burn the ISO using the T-42, and then take the dvd back to the M400 to do the install. Why should I have to do that? Why force me to upgrade for ISO burning capabilities? Aren’t the M400’s supposed to be speced for the business user, making it easy for them to do whatever they need to on the road with as little hassle as possible? 

So – two machines, both marketed to the business user, both bundled with Sonic Record Now, both include DVD burners. On one machine I can do the job with no hassle, and the other machine requies me to purchase an upgrade for the same functionality. With a machine speced out at over $2000, I shouldn’t need to spend an extra $30 to burn an ISO image.

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