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More Windows Phone 7 Tips and Tricks than you’ll ever need



If you want help with your new Windows Phone 7, you could head over to Microsoft Answers, you could hit up one of the 80 Windows Phone MVPs worldwide, or you could head over to Pocket-lint and get 72 tips and tricks to help you get started. If I were you, I would go Pocket-lint or Microsoft Answers though.  I am one of those Microsoft MVPs, but my only time with Windows Phone 7 was a one day session in Redmond last month.Yep, have no fear, Pocket-lint has put together a HUGE list of tips and tricks for Windows Phone 7. Here are some of my favorites:

9. Swipe to the left

Windows Phone 7 is built around the idea of panoramic tiles that you swipe to reveal more content off screen. It’s always worth seeing if you can swipe to the left as there might be more stuff waiting to be revealed.

This is something I really like with Windows Phone. The amount of info that can be found in the hubs by sliding left and right of the main hub screen. Really innovative stuff.

49. Adding emoticons quickly to an email

Another keyboard shortcut that works when you are typing an email. Press on the smiley face and you get all the :) :( :-] faces you can imagine without having to type them out. It’s quick, it’s simple, and yes your mates will either love you for it or think you are a dork.

You can never have enough smilies for your business emails right?

63. Accessing Zune controls outside of Zune player

You don’t need to be in the Zune player to access the music on Windows Phone 7. Tap the volume buttons on the side of your phone and down pops a miniature player window that gives you access to the play and skip buttons. If you’ve not got your headphones in, the music will start playing through the phone’s speakers

Something I have been waiting for way before Windows Phone 7 was even a thought on the interwebz was killing Windows Media Player and making the Zune the default player on Windows Mobile phones. This is finally a reality and I can’t wait!

Another great resource is Paul Thurrott’s super sized Windows Phone 7 review. I don’t like the format with multiple pages, but it’s a great article and he’s had multiple Windows Phone 7 devices for quite some time.  Yes, if anyone feels the sarcasm in this post, I am a bit angry that I wasn’t provided a loaner Windows Phone 7 device. I still do not have a phone running Windows Phone 7 and it’s quite embarrassing not being able to answer questions that readers, peers, and friends expect me to know already. There, I said it. :)

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