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Morning Wrapup: Notebook News for March 29th



Today in Notebooks we have a collection of new notebooks that have been announced, new SSDs from Intel, reviews of MacBook Air cases and a reason why your MacBook Pro fan might be loud.

New Notebooks for March 2011:

Additionally, the Samsung Series 9 11.6″ notebook has been released and we compare the 11.6″ Series 9 to the MacBook Air 11″ model. You may be surprised which notebook comes out on top.

If you’re looking for a new MacBook Air case, check out review of the Pad&Quill Moleskine/Bookbinding case, which turns your MacBook Air into a real book with a wood frame. If you want something a bit less bookish, check out our review of the Speck SeeThru MacBook Air case.

If you happen to lose your notebook and haven’t already installed a tool like Prey or Lojack for Laptops, we have a few tips that might help you track down stolen notebooks.

Intel launched the new Intel SSD 320 Series with faster speeds, higher sizes and lower prices. You can now purchase a 600GB SSD, if you have the cash. If you are on a budget, the 40GB models start at $89.

Amazon may have already launched their Music Locker, but it looks like Apple may be working on a Music Locker as part of a revamped Mobile Me service expected to launch in April.

Loud MacBook Pro fans on the most recent models may be tied to Spotlight indexing. If you continue to have fan issues, you can try to exclude some folders from indexing, but most of the time this will stop when the first index is done.

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