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Moshi Goes Premium with Battery Banks and USB-C



Well-known mobile accessories maker Moshi was back at CES and showing off its latest crop of accessories, including new power banks and a new line of headphones.

Moshi is calling its new series of portable battery banks the IonBank, and they’re adding three different models, each with increasing capacity: the IonBank 3K, the IonBank 5K, and the IonBank 10K will offer users roughly 3000, 5000, and 10000 mAh, respectively. The company has added features like built-in Lightning and USB cables and vegan leather covers.

slack_for_ios_upload-2We stopped by to check them out – while they don’t seem to be anything revolutionary, we were still impressed by the higher-end look and feel. The new line offers fashionable alternatives to Mophie and other brands. Moshi says new circuitry in the IonBanks prioritizes the iOS device when charging – so your phone will always get powered first. You’ll be able to snag one of these next month starting at $65.

slack_for_ios_uploadSpeaking of premium – that’s where Moshi is targeting its next product, a new flagship set of on-ear headphones. Called the Avanti, Moshi is continues with the vegan leather, combining it here with a stainless steel band. Inside, Moshi has used a pair 40mm drivers for quality sound. You can connect the Avanti with a removable audio cable – the in-line remote works with any smartphone. Headed for store shelves sometime this spring, Moshi is expecting to charge $200 for the Avanti headphones.

The accessories company also had a trio of USB-C accessories to show off – a standard USB-C to USB-C cable will run you thirty dollars, while a USB-C to HDMI adapter will run you $40. The top of the USB-C trio belongs to Moshi’s new USB-C Multiport adapter, at $79. It features an HDMI port like the last cable, but also a standard USB 3.0 port as well as a USB-C passthrough port for charging your laptop or tablet at the same time. The first two cables will be available later this month, while the Multiport Adapter will ship this March.

Helios Series (Helios & Helios Lite)Finally, to carry all these products in, Moshi showed off their new line of Helios backpacks: the Helios, which holds up to 15-inch laptops, and the Helios Lite, which will carry a 13-inch model. These new bags are pretty sleek, offering you a ton of space with a fresh, modern design. Each bag is built out of water-resistant fabrics, with more of Moshi’s “vegan leather” serving accent duty. You’ll be able to score the Helios Lite in either blue or grey for $120, or the bigger Helios, in either black or a rich brown, for $150. Both backpacks ship in March.



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