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Moshi MacBook iGlaze & Moshi Muse Reviews



Moshi MacBook accessories offer slim protection for the 12-inch MacBook so you can stay light, but keep your new notebook protected from scratches and other worries.

After using the Moshi MacBook iGlaze 12 and the Moshi Muse for a month that included a trip to Hawaii aboard a fair share of airplanes and islands both of these accessories stand out as amazing MacBook accessories on the road and around town.

The Moshi iGlaze 12 is a hard shell that protects the top and bottom of the MacBook in a polycarbonate shell. The Moshi Muse is a this sleeve that fits the MacBook perfectly and includes a small pocket for adapters and other items.

Moshi iGlaze and Moshi Muse.

Moshi iGlaze and Moshi Muse MacBook case and sleeve.

We’ll also be reviewing two other Moshi MacBook accessories soon, the ClearGuard keyboard cover and the iVisor bubble free screen protector. You can use all these MacBook accessories together, or go minimal with just the one you need.

Moshi MacBook iGlaze 12 Review

There are not a lot of 12-inch MacBook cases yet, but thankfully the Moshi iGlaze 12 is a top-notch offering that adds barely any thickness to the new MacBook and protect the device from scratches. This is especially important when I take the notebook to cafes to work outside on a metal table that can quickly scratch up the MacBook’s aluminum bottom.

The iGlaze 12 is a hard MacBook case.

The iGlaze 12 is a hard MacBook case.

The Moshi iGlaze 12 adds a bit of weight, but no real change to the size of the notebook during daily use. While walking around with the MacBook open, the added weight was noticeable, but not an issue.

Moshi calls the finish of the iGlaze 12 Stealth Clear, which is a fancy way of saying you can see through it, but it isn’t crystal clear. The slightly clouded style allows the color of your MacBook to stand out and it also helps keep the cover looking good, as crystal clear finished tend to show scratches and wear faster.

This is a slim and attractive MacBook case.

This is a slim and attractive MacBook case.

There are four feet on the bottom of the iGlaze 12 that keep your MacBook and the iGlaze 12 off of rough surfaces. Moshi includes a cutout for the USB Type C port and the headphone jack and the case snaps on firmly, but it easy enough to remove if you need to.

The Moshi iGlaze 12 is an excellent MacBook case to protect your notebook or to give yourself a canvas for sticker without placing them directly on your MacBook.

The bottom protects your MacBook and there are feet to keep the bottom off rough surfaces.

The bottom protects your MacBook and there are feet to keep the bottom off rough surfaces.

Moshi sells the iGlaze 12 direct for $54.95 and it is also available on Amazon with Prime Shipping for $54.95.

Moshi Muse Review

The Moshi Muse is a super-thin sleeve that holds the MacBook and a few small accessories in a pocket. I love how thin this case is and how easy it is to hang on to, which makes it an easy choice when going out for a short afternoon of work. I also grab the Macbook in the Muse anytime I’m heading out and worry I might get stuck somewhere for a few hours.

The Moshi Muse MacBook Sleeve is an awesome accessory.

The Moshi Muse MacBook Sleeve is an awesome accessory.

Unlike the iGlaze 12, when the MacBook is in this sleeve other people don’t know you are carrying this expensive computer with you. The sleeve includes some padding to absorb the bumps that come with carrying a notebook in a sleeve around town. The sleeve is slim and small enough that it slides into a backpack easily when I need to carry more gear.

The small pocket is perfectly sized for an iPhone, a USB Type C adapter, Earbuds and other slim items. It is possible to place the USB Type C charging cable and power adapter in the pocket, but it isn’t my preferred way to carry the adapter since it is a little thick for the pocket.

There is a small flap that covers the pockets that keeps the items securely in the sleeve without the need for zippers.

Moshi delivers a beautiful and functional MacBook Sleeve that I rarely leave home without. Moshi sells the Muse for $44.95.

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Moshi Muse for MacBook

Moshi Muse for MacBook

When you need a small 2016 MacBook sleeve to hold your new MacBook and the collection of adapters that you need to get work done the Moshi Muse for MacBook is an excellent option.

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This case features a stay tight design that keeps your MacBook in the sleeve without velcro or zippers and the microfiber interior protects the finish of your notebook while also wiping fingerprints off the finish. An outer pocket allows users to slide in a few small adapters so you have what you need to get work done.

$44.95 at Moshi and available at the Apple Store.

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1 Comment

  1. Miriam Las

    09/01/2015 at 2:29 pm

    Love the Macbook Pro when paired with the Lumiy Lightline 1250. Beautiful LED desk lamp that is exactly the right size and style as a 13″ Pro or Air

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