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Moshi REfresh Offers Deal for iPad Sellers, iPad Donations to Schools



Moshi, the maker of one of our favorite iPad mini covers, the Moshi VersaCover Origami, announces REfresh, a program where they buy old iPads through and give them to a San Francisco public school.

iPad sellers can go to Glyde and sell their iPad to Moshi and Moshi will take them, fix them up and outfit them with useful Moshi accessories.

In this first round Moshi plans to buy 30 iPads and give them to Hillcrest Elementary School in San Francisco.

Moshi spokesperson Jennifer Kutz said,

The pace of technological innovation can lead to excess inventory of accessories and electronics. While perfectly functional, this merchandise will normally be recycled or disposed of. REfresh will ensure previous generation product doesn’t go to waste, and instead goes to the benefit of the local community.

moshi versacover origami for iPad

Moshi VersaCover Origami for iPad

When a person sells an iPad to Glyde, if chosen by Moshi, they will receive the cash for their iPad plus $50 in Moshi gear from Moshi’s online store. Buyers could afford the excellent VersaCover Mini Origami Case mentioned above.

People selling their iPads between Nov. 5 and Dec. 5 will become eligible. Moshi will choose 30 iPads ranging from 2nd through 4th generation iPads.

Moshi and Glyde want to do this to keep iPads from filling landfills and they hope to help the schools giving back to their community. They said that they chose Apple products because of the company’s history of supporting education. We can’t help but think that they also chose to time this promotion with the high-profile release of the new iPad Air and iPad mini 2 coming Nov. 1 and later in November.

glyde ipad sales example

Selling an iPad at Glyde will help buyers of the new iPads with some cash defray the cost of the refreshed tablet. For example, an iPad 2 will get sellers up to $226 while an iPad 4 sells for as much as $336 on Glyde. Those prices quoted are for iPads in perfect condition.

Sellers choose the which wireless version iPad they own. Then tell Glyde the iPad’s storage capacity, color and condition. Glyde will quote a price and offer to buy it. Then Moshi will select 30 iPads sold through the site during the dates listed above and give the sellers the $50 credit usable at Moshi’s store.

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