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Moshi Versacover for Still Better than Apple Smartcase



Our favorite iPad mini case comes from Moshi and costs less than Apple’s thin and lightweight Apple Smart Case, while working better than the Apple offering. The Moshi VersaCover does everything the Smart Case does, but adds a nice trick with a folding cover that sets up the iPad in more angles than the Apple Smart Cover or Smart Case. Check out our review of the iPad mini version.

moshi versacover for ipad back

The Moshi VersaCover comes in a version for both the new iPad Air and the new iPad mini. A clear plastic back snaps onto the iPad and protects the back and edges from scratches, bumps and dings. It’s not a rugged case that will keep it from breaking if the user drops the iPad. However, the back and the screen cover give the user more peace of mind than they’d enjoy if they carried around their iPad without a case or cover at all.

Here’s a video that shows how the cover folds to prop up the stand. It’s actually for the iPad 3 but works the same way on the new models.

The folds in the case’s cover make it possible to prop the iPad at many angles. It feels like origami. Moshi says it will hold the iPad at 40-degrees, 50-degrees and 60-degrees. Creative types might find more ways to fold the cover for different angles.

moshi versacover for ipad

The cover looks and feels nice, with a soft microfiber material that the owner can also use to wipe the screen. The magnetic wake feature also works on these cases.

Apple sells their iPad Air Smart Case for $79 while Moshi charges $10 less. Apple’s iPad mini Smart Case costs $69 while Moshi charges only $50, making the Moshi VersaCover for iPad mini an even better deal. They sell them in blue, gray, green and pink. All the colors look muted instead of bright, which conservative types will enjoy.

Moshi makes the best thin and light iPad case and does so at a better price than Apple and most others. We still recommend the Moshi VersaCover, now available for both the iPad Air and iPad mini.

moshi versapouch mini

Moshi also offers a pouch that uses the same origami style folds called the Moshi VersaPouch mini. It houses the iPad mini using magnets in the opening end to hold it closed. The iPad mini fits in the pouch perfectly and it doesn’t add much thickness or weight. Pull out the iPad mini and fold the pouch the right way to prop the iPad up in either landscape or portrait mode.

moshi versapouch mini front

The VersaPouch mini costs $30. As a pouch we like it. The stand works okay, but the iPad mini slides off sometimes. At the price, we recommend it as a pouch alone. People who primarily want it as a stand should look elsewhere. It doesn’t work as well as the VersaCover.

moshi versapouch mini side view portrait

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