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Motion announces a touch screen LE1600TS



I heard about this last week and thought to myself how smart it was of Motion to come out with a touch version of the LE1600 – called the LE1600TS. Now, this LE1600TS is mostly targeted at verticial markets where touch is a primary input mechanism rather than inking with the pen. I believe the digitizer on the LE1600TS is 80 gram, which means that it is highly sensitive to touch. If you are looking for a great inking experience, then you need to consider the LE1600 instead. Something tells me we will see a touch enabled LS800 later this year.

From the LS1600TS product page:

The 12.1” LE1600TS touch screen product is ideal for repetitive data entry with minimal handwritten input, like menu or button-driven applications. Operate the LE1600TS using a finger, stylus or other input device. Perfect for hotel, casino, retail and restaurant environments.

Like the LE1600, pricing starts at $1999 for the Centrino version. They also offer a Celeron version starting at $1699.

Here is a snippet from their press release and a link to the product page

Motion Computing®, a leader in ultramobile computing and wireless communications, today launched the LE1600TS, a light, slim slate PC with a touch screen. The LE1600TS is ideal for industries including hospitality, gaming and retail that do repetitive data entry with touch input software.

The LE1600TS leverages the acclaimed, innovative design and ergonomics of Motion’s slim LE1600 slate tablet PC, replacing the digitized display with a resistive touch screen. The touch screen, a durable, five-wire grid membrane with a coating of transparent metal oxide, enables direct and accurate input with a finger or stylus.

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