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Motion Computing Announces The F5 Tablet PC



Motion Computing F5   The day has finally arrived. Motion Computing has officially announced their F5 Tablet PC. The F5 is targeted for the field force vertical market. The F5 is a semi-rugged Tablet PC, positioning itself between commercial Tablet PCs like the LE1700 and more rugged Tablet PCs like Mobile Demand’s T8700. It improves upon Motion’s Clinical Tablet PC, the C5, by including integrated Sprint WWAN broadband, IP54 rating, 32 GB SSD option, and an optional vehicle dock. It also features a new two-tone color scheme, which is less likely than the C5 to show dirt. It includes other features from the C5 like an integrated 2 megapixel camera, handle, RFID, optional barcode scanner, a 10.4″ active digitizer screen, 1024 x 768 resolution, and a 1.2 ghz Core Solo processor. The F5 weighs 3 lbs 9 oz.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have used the F5 the past several weeks, and have posted my impressions in this video review. In addition, we’ll be using the F5 over the next several months, and passing it among the rest of the team. So, you’ll definitely be hearing more from us as we use it over the coming months.

Here are some additional videos, from Motion Computing, on the F5 covering their drop tests and some water tests for IP54.

Drop test —
IP54 (water) –

The F5 starts at $2699 and is available now for ordering.

Press Release:

Motion Computing F5 Tablet PCCHICAGO — Gartner Wireless and Mobile Summit, Mar. 3, 2008 — Motion Computing ®, a leader in mobile computing and wireless communications, today announced the new F5 tablet PC. The F5, a new entrant into the tablet PC market, is a balance between commercial-grade devices and fully-rugged PCs that have costly features only required in a small percentage of field applications. 

The F5 addresses issues encountered by mobile workforces across industries like field service, manufacturing, government and construction.  Organizations within these industries are seeking to reduce the number of devices technicians carry, improve workflow, reduce data collection errors and ensure users can communicate with host systems and each other, in the field or in an office.  The F5 design enhances productivity with key features that include:

  • Intel ® Centrino ® processor technology with the Intel ® Core Solo
  • IP54 rated and designed to withstand exposure to dust and moisture
  • Field-ready slate design that includes a magnesium frame, View Anywhere ® outdoor display, built-in handle and easily cleaned protective covering
  • Shock mounted hard drive and combined accelerometer designed to detect drops and shocks in order to reduce the possibility of data loss
  • Optional SanDisk ® 32GB solid state drive (SSD) providing further enhanced durability, reliability, higher performance and power efficiency
  • Fully-integrated technologies to improve workflow and increase productivity:  digital camera, RFID and optional barcode scanner
  • Embedded wireless broadband for continuous data access away from the office
  • Microsoft ® Windows ® XP Tablet PC Edition; Windows Vista ® Business

Easily mount and dock your F5 in your vehicle Motion is also announcing a new three year ““field-ready” warranty with the F5 that is a leader in the industry in protection for semi-rugged PCs.  The new offering covers damage from short drops (approx. 30 inches), and ordinary course exposure to rain and dust.

““Motion is dedicated to providing solutions that combine innovative mobile products and customized applications from experienced software partners and services that are unique to each vertical market that we serve,” said Scott Eckert, CEO of Motion.  ““Our customers came to us with a need and we solved it with the F5.  We’ve combined the mobility and ease-of-use benefits of a tablet PC with the increased durability of a rugged PC, without all of the costs associated with a fully rugged system.”

Motion and its network of distributors and value-added resellers are seeing significant demand for the F5.  For example, Motion resellers Kishmish, Inc., and Xwave, are working closely with Destiny USA, located in Syracuse, New York, and its construction manager, Cianbro, to leverage slate PCs in the development of a $329 million project.

Destiny USA is a first-class destination being built to operate 100 percent free of fossil fuels.  As part of this green initiative, Destiny USA is requiring a paperless work environment, which Cianbro actively supports by using Motion slate PCs as highly mobile, on-site tools that do not require the use of paper.  Syracuse-based Seneca Data, one of Motion’s value added distributors, manages distribution of the tablet PCs for the project.

““Motion’s tablet PCs have helped Destiny USA and Cianbro to become virtually paperless, which has never been achieved in the $1.3 trillion dollar construction industry,” said Robert J. Congel, founder of Destiny USA.  ““The F5 is clearly designed for the construction environment.  The semi-rugged features and integrated tool-set will further help us improve productivity, enhance the construction experience and empower our team members to innovate, while respecting the environment by reducing our dependence on paper-based processes.”

About the F5

F5 Tablet PC RAM Mount The F5 is IP54 rated to meet the demands of the job from dusty warehouses to the occasional drop from a vehicle or exposure to a rainstorm.  In fact, the F5 is designed to protect from the top three causes of notebook damage, which continue to be drops, liquid spills and objects being dropped on to notebooks.  Durable enough to withstand exposure to these elements, the F5 is the first semi-rugged mobile computing device to focus on delivering a complete solution for mobile professionals, including the mobile platform, software, wireless capabilities, and integrated data capture and services.

Additional F5 capabilities include:

  • Thin and light with high performance capabilities (approximately 3 lbs.)
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth ®, and optional integrated mobile broadband
  • Shock, drop, vibration and temperature resistance
  • Vehicular docking capabilities
  • Intuitive buttons and triggers
  • Integrated barcode scanner (optional)
  • Integrated RFID reader offering quick and simple inventory tracking and management
  • 2.0 megapixel camera
  • Integrated fingerprint reader to simplify password management while increasing data security
  • Natural handwriting interface for convenient data capture while standing or walking
  • Speak Anywhere ® audio technology for convenient access to voice notes and advanced communication

The F5 began shipping in February 2008, and is currently available through Motion’s network of value-added resellers and distributors.  With initial pricing ranging from $2699 – $4000, depending on the configuration, this is a significantly lower point of entry than fully-rugged PCs.

See Motion, the F5, and the company’s enhanced line of tablet PCs in booth W at the Gartner Wireless and Mobile Summit or in the on-site Motion Mobility Showcase where attendees can register to win a new F5.

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