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Motion Computing leading the Slate Tablet PC market



Motion Computing has published a press release announcing their price decreases and the fact that their sales grew 32% in 2005.  An interesting figure they quote from IDC is that slate tablet pcs represent 24% of total tablet pc sales. Doing the fuzzy math, that tells me Motion Computing represents roughly 8.4% of the total Tablet PC market.

I wonder how much of that 32% were new acquisitions vs upgrades from older models? That would be interesting to know.

According to a report from International Data Corporation (IDC) issued in April, Motion Computing® is leading the industry in slate tablet PC sales and grew 32% in 2005.

“Slate tablets accounted for 24% of all tablet shipments in 2005, and Motion Computing maintained a dominant position with 35% of that market share in the US,” said David Daoud, IDC. “Immediate growth opportunities for slates exist in healthcare, field sales and service – markets that rely on accurate, mobile data collection to boost productivity and increase security.”

For those existing customers interested in upgrading their LS or LE slate pc, Motion now offers an upgrade program:

For existing L-Series customers interested in taking advantage of upgrade savings, Motion now offers an after-market upgrade program. Customers receive prepaid shipping labels and packaging materials for shipping to the company’s centralized repair depot. Within a five-business-day turnaround, customers can upgrade their hard drive, memory, wireless configuration and add a View Anywhere® display.

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