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Motion Computing: Not Offering LE1700 WriteTouch Tablet PC



In a surprise announcement in its partner newsletter, Motion Computing said that they will not be offering the LE1700 WriteTouch Tablet PC. Based on the announcement below, it appears that while working on technical issues on the WriteTouch model, manufacturing and supply issues came up that then began to conflict with their upcoming product roadmap. I’m working to find out if they have plans to use the WriteTouch technology with future products.

Here is their announcement:

Based on Motion’s unrelenting commitment to delivering the best customer experience with the highest quality, we have made the decision to not offer the LE1700 WriteTouch feature at this time.   We have worked diligently to close technical and usability challenges, but some manufacturing and supply chain challenges continue to impact our schedule and overlap with key roadmap deliverables.  The decision is a difficult one but is in the best interest of our customers while affording us time to focus development and execution efforts on delivering best-in-class solutions.

Here is some more news from Motion on battery supply issue:

  • LE-Series extended batteries continue to be challenged from a lead time perspective at ~6 weeks world wide, due in large part to industry wide shortages and demand.   Based on Motion’s best outlook,  the current backlog is expected to clear by the end of October with new orders expected to ship by mid November.    

    M-Series standard batteries are also challenged based on similar circumstances. Based on Motion’s best outlook  the current backlog is expected to clear by mid December.  

And some news on the LE1600 Celeron Model

  • Given the continued ramp of the LE1700, Motion is announcing the EOL of the LE1600 Celeron platform.   All SKUs world wide are impacted and will be turned off the week of Oct 8th.
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