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Motion Computing offers SSD for LS800 Tablet PC



Just had this press release show up in the e-mail box.  It’s nice to see the offering, but man, when are these drives going to be cheaper???

Some of the more interesting points:

  • 10% increase in battery life
  • runs 40% more efficiently
  • faster data access times
  • No usage problems above 10,000 feet

AUSTIN, Texas, April 8, 2007 — Motion Computing ®, a leader in ultra-mobile computing and wireless communications, today announced the availability of a 1.8-inch 32GB solid state drive (SSD) for its award-winning LS800 Tablet PC.

With this flash-based memory offering, Motionâ„¢ is delivering a more durable and better-performing ultra-mobile computing solution to vertical industries including aviation, mobile gaming, and field sales and service.

An SSD is a hard drive alternative based on flash memory. Unlike a traditional HDD which uses spinning discs and read/write heads, an SSD is designed with flash memory, having no moving parts. The new drive has the same shape and size as a HDD and uses the same connectors for integration into existing systems.

““Solid state is an excellent storage technology option for ultra-mobile computers,” said Jillian Mansolf, vice president of marketing at Motion. ““From casinos interested in offering a portable gaming experience to field service workers computing while walking and standing, the LS800 with SSD helps protect data despite everyday knocks, bumps and jolts.”

Motion engineering tests show that the SSD reduces power consumption to give the LS800 about 10 percent longer battery life. Motion tests also show the LS800 runs approximately 40 percent more efficiently with an SSD, with faster data access time. 1

Additionally, Motion believes the SSD is will help reduce costs associated with hard drive failures. Analyst firm Gartner reports a failing hard drive is one of two top sources of system malfunctions in mobile computers, and accounts for up to 45 percent of total hardware failures. 2

“The LS800 is the primary platform for the VistaNavâ„¢ synthetic vision navigation system for general aviation pilots, and we successfully tested the SSD version at 25,000 and 40,000 feet,” said Philippe Roy, General Manager of the Avionics & Unmanned Systems Group at Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. ““The LS800 with an SSD represents a significant advance for VistaNav, since our customers can now operate above 10,000 feet without worry.”

The SSD drives are available worldwide today on new LS800s for $599. Current LS800 customers can upgrade their tablet PC to include an SSD by working through one of Motion’s Certified Maintainer partners. For more information, please call 1-866-MTABLET or visit

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