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Motion Computing Upgrades Displays for F5 and C5



Motion Computing announced today a new standard (yes, standard, not option) for the displays on their F5 Rugged Tablet PC and C5 Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA) Tablet PC. The Hydis AFFS+ (Advanced Fringe Field Switching), which they first used in the J3400, offers lowered power consumption, improved transmission of color and images, internal LCD panel reflection and LED backlight. The result is, of course, better viewability out in the sun and indoors under bright fluorescent lighting. Full press release after the jump. UPDATE: Comparison photo now available. Click on image for full size.


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Motion Extends Superior Display Technology to the C5 and F5

The F5 Rugged Tablet PC and C5 Mobile Clinical Assistant now feature advanced display technology for superior indoor and outdoor viewing

AUSTIN, TX – July 13, 2009 – Motion Computing ®, a leader in mobile computing and wireless communications, today announced that the F5 Rugged Tablet PC and C5 Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA) now include the Hydis AFFS+ (Advanced Fringe Field Switching) display as a standard feature.   The latest in tablet PC display technology, AFFS+ offers lowered power consumption, improved transmission of color and images, impressive internal LCD panel reflection and LED backlight, for superior indoor and outdoor viewing.

The Hydis AFFS+ technology was first made available on the Motion J3400.   After experiencing the new display, rugged computing expert Conrad H. Blickenstorfer said, “Thanks to the AFFS+ technology, the screen is amazingly bright, vibrant and readable outdoors. What truly sets it apart is the ability to view and read it from all angles. Never having to tilt and rotate the display to see it properly gives it a rock-solid, natural feel that you just don’t get anywhere else. Every mobile computer should have this display.”

The new display technology takes brightness measurement beyond that of nits.   A combination of brightness, contrast and viewing angle create extreme brightness without increasing power consumption.

“The AFFS+ technology is the result of years of experience developing tablet-specific displays that improve brightness through a unique combination of technologies that optimize brightness without impacting power consumption or adding weight, “said O.S. Yang, General Manager, Hydis America. “We are pleased that Motion, as the leading provider of tablet PCs, has realized the mobile benefits of enhanced AFFS+ technology and made it available across platforms.”

Advantages of the new display technology include:

  • Significantly brighter LED backlight with lower power consumption
  • New LED backlight that more quickly reaches full brightness
  • Improved internal light reflections to utilize ambient sunlight for enhanced outdoor viewing
  • Enhanced display allows more of the internal light through to the user
  • Anti-reflective front polarizer lowers the reflectance and scattering of ambient sunlight

“Motion is excited about offering the new display capabilities on our complete line of tablet PCs,” said Mike Stinson, Motion VP of Marketing.   “The combination of superior viewing capabilities and balanced power consumption is ideal for our customers, who require lightweight high performance technology that improves productivity inside an office or out in the field.”

Pricing and Availability

The C5 MCA and F5 Rugged Tablet PC are now available with the new standard display feature.   Visit for or more information or to find a certified Motion reseller.



About Motion Computing

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