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Motion Offers New Tablet PC Support Programs



Motion Computing announced two new support programs designed to minimize downtime caused by faulty or damaged Tablet PCs. Many of Motion Computing’s customers work in rough environments and a downed Tablet PC can have a serious impact on their organizations.

Customers who purchase Motion Express Tablet Exchange service will receive a replacement C5v, F5v or J3500 within one business day of reporting trouble. Instead of simply overnighting a replacement tablet to its customer, Motion Computing will send out a technician to hand deliver it and make sure it’s set up properly. The program is available to customers that purchase 50 or more tablets.  The service will be offered in two and three terms, with a price tags ranging between $349 and $649 per tablet.

Motion Computing is also now offering accidental damage protection. As you can guess, this program covers unintentional physical damage, covering both the Tablet PC and its peripherals. Protection plans for the C5v, F5v and J3500 will cost $199 (one year), $249 (two years) and $349 (three years).

These services may sound expensive at first glance, but it may make financial sense once you add in lost productivity of employees, such as those that must use a Tablet PC in the field.

The Motion Expres Tablet Echange and Accidental Damage Protection services are only available for customers in the U.S.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. GTaylor

    09/01/2010 at 10:27 am

    You say those plans are per tablet, 50 tablets minimum. Well, if I were to contemplate $12,500 for 2 years worth of next day protection I might consider buying 4 extra tablets and keeping them in rotation. That would be cheaper, put me in control of my back up plan, and keep Motion in the position where they are comfortable and proven; working on warranty issues at their own pace. My experience with Motion’s ‘expedited service’, while not current, required several weeks waiting.

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