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Motion’s Q1 Promotion – Free View Anywhere upgrades



There were not any new Tablet PC products from Motion this week, but they are running a nice special this quarter if you are in the market for a LE1600 Tablet PC – free View Anywhere upgrade ( $299 value ), plus Motion Pak / OneNote ( $34.99 value ).

North America Super SKU’s
AB22342 – 512MB/30GB/Motion Pak/View Anywhere/Atheros a/b/g ($1,999)
AB22332 – 512MB/30GB/Motion Pak/View Anywhere/Intel b/g ($1,999)
AB43342 – 1GB/60GB/Motion Pak/View Anywhere/Atheros a/b/g ($2,259)
AB43332 – 1GB/60GB/Motion Pak/View Anywhere/Intel b/g ($2,259)

They are also featuring this cool protective case for $299, $50 savings.

You have to purchase these special SKU’s from an authorized reseller / distributor like, and others. You can call 1-866-MTABLET for a list of other authorized resellers. This offer is not available through Motion themselves.

Thanks for the tip, Doug.

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