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Moto 360 Release Date & Price Confirmed



The Moto 360 release date and price are official after months of speculation, and the great news is you can buy the Moto 360 today with a leather band and later this year with a stainless steel band.

Motorola didn’t keep much about the Moto 360 a secret, but they did a good job of keeping the Moto 360 release date under wraps, but now they are ready to sell it and share the official Moto 360 price as well.

The Moto 360 release date is today, September 5th and you can buy the smartwatch at Motorola, Best and select Best Buy Stores.

Motorola is kicking off the release with two leather options in a black leather and black watch trim and a silver trim with a stone leather band.

The Moto 360 release date arrives today, and the Moto 360 price is $249.

The Moto 360 release date arrives today, and the Moto 360 price is $249.

We can expect a second Moto 360 release date later this year for the two stainless steel Moto 360 versions. These carry a higher price, but you can swap the band out if you want to buy a Moto 360 today and replace it with a stainless steel Moto 360 band later. There is not official stainless steel Moto 360 release date yet, but the device is coming later this year.

The leaked Moto 360 price is correct at $249. The stainless Moto 360 price is $299. You can buy more leather bands for $20 and the stainless steel bands will retail for $79. The device uses standard watch pins to keep the strap on the device so you can switch in one you like, but Motorola cautions it may not be as nice of a fit.

The Moto 360 stainless release date comes later this year.

The Moto 360 stainless release date comes later this year.

Included in the box is a leather band and a wireless charger that doubles as a nightstand clock when you set the Moto 360 on it to charge. Motorola will sell more of these chargers, but did not announce a price for a second Moto 360 wireless charger. You can not plug a USB cable in to this device to charge it so you may want to buy one of these for travel.

The Moto 360 display is 1.56-inch with a 320 x 290 resolution and 205 pixels per inch. The Moto 360 runs Android Wear and connects to Android devices running Android 4.3 or higher using Bluetooth. You can use the device as a beautiful watch, to see and interact with notifications and to track your health and fitness using a free Motorola Connect app. There is a hear rate sensor on the back of the Moto 360 using your voice.

Any notification that appears on your Android phone shows up on the Moto 360 and you can choose to open on the phone, swipe to dismiss or see other information when possible.

One example of Moto 360 notification.

One example of Moto 360 notification.

There is a gesture sensor built-in so you can light up the watch face by bringing the Moto 360 up towards your face and an ambient light sensor that can automatically light up or dim the display to provide better battery life.

You can tap to control the Moto 360, but you can also use Google Now with your voice. Saying, “OK Google” allows you to perform a wide variety of actions like setting reminders, sending a text and much more. There are even canned responses for text messages that you can swipe to when you can’t talk.

You can also get turn by turn navigation on the Moto 360 so you can see where you need to go at a glance. You can start this on the 360 or on the new Moto X.

The Moto 360 is water-resistant at IP 67 rating, which means 30 minutes in up to 3.3 feet of water. With this rating you can shower and workout with the Moto 360, but you probably won’t want to go swimming with it.

Motorola covers the display with Gorilla Glass 3 to prevent scratches and keep the device from damage during daily use. It includes 4GB of internal storage, 512MB RAM and a TI OMAP processor. the 320mAh battery is rated to last all day.

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