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Moto 360 Release Details Continue to Arrive



After months of waiting since Google first debuted Android Wear back in March, consumers have been eager to learn and see more of Android Wear, Google’s operating system for wearable devices like the smartwatch and Google Glass.

Last week at Google I/O we saw the final finished software for Android Wear running on the well-known LG G Watch, as well as a surprise announcement and release of the Samsung Gear Live. The other smartwatch Google was busy showing off was the Moto 360, the first round and truly impressive looking smartwatch that still looks like a piece of jewelry.

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While details continue to arrive about the LG G Watch and Gear Live, both which will start shipping in the next week from the Google Play Store, buyers still have no solid details surrounding the highly anticipated Moto 360. This week however, new reports suggest not only will it arrive sometime in August, but Motorola aims to deliver tons of customization options similar to the Moto X smartphone last year.


Earlier this month a few UK retailers had the Moto 360 Smartwatch priced around $279 USD, but so far we still don’t have a solid price or release date to go on. Motorola and Google both are silent, and consumers are still waiting and possibly passing on current Android Wear devices in hopes to get the Moto 360 soon.

This weekend a new set of rumors emerged from PhoneArena with two major details that could prove to be important for prospective Moto 360, and even Moto X+1 smartphone buyers.

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According to their sources, the Moto 360 is set to be available not only from the Google Play Store like other Android Wear watches, but it will also be sold directly from Motorola on the company’s MotoMaker website. This same site was used to allow over 18 different colors and tons of customization to the popular Moto X smartphone in 2013.

Their sources suggest the Moto 360 and the recently rumored brand new Moto X+1 smartphone will both arrive (likely in August) on together as a bundle, or separate devices. They go on to mention Motorola aims to offer multiple different customization options for the Moto 360.

This means users could have a choice between different watch colors, different bands, and even different band materials. So far we’re hearing a black or stainless steal watch body will be offered, with Motorola offering leather, rubber, and metal bands for the smartwatch.

The variety of wrist straps (or bands) are still up in the air, and the metal straps are reportedly facing delays, but come August the Moto 360 may be available in a slew of colors and multiple different leather finishes for the watch band.

So far we still don’t have all the details regarding the highly anticipated upcoming Moto 360, but the device is stacking up to be rather impressive. From tons of customization, a stylish round design, water and dust resistant, to even offering Qi Wireless charging and more all for a slightly higher cost than the LG G Watch that launched last week.

This report suggests it will arrive alongside the Moto X+1, which if rumors and previous release cycles give any indication of, won’t be until sometime in August. Many were expecting an early summer release date when Motorola said “later this summer” but we won’t know for sure until Motorola confirms the details themselves. We’ll be on the lookout for more Moto 360 news or important details, and will update the minute we know more on this impressive looking smartwatch.

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