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Moto 360 Release Kicks Off Again Tomorrow



After months of waiting and tons of hype the brand new Moto 360 Android Wear smartwatch finally arrived last week for buyers, but sold out almost immediately. Late last week all of the details, release date, and pricing were officially announced.

While the initial release was extremely limited, selling out within hours from multiple outlets, today we received good news from Motorola. Earlier today Motorola announced pre-orders for the new Moto X smartphone, but also updated prospective buyers on the Moto 360 release woes.

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In an official blog post Motorola detailed tons of their upcoming products release dates and availability, then at the bottom confirmed what many hopeful Moto 360 buyers have been waiting to hear. That more stock will be available soon. The smartwatch has been extremely popular, even though some reviews painted it out to have poor battery life (all smartwatches do) and below are all the details.

Moto 360 Hands On - 2

After confirming the new Moto X smartphone will be available for pre-order soon from AT&T, Motorola also updated users on the situation surrounding the Moto 360. It sold out on their own store within a few hours, equally as fast it was gone from the Google Play Store, and it has been in and out stock at Best Buy for the entire week.

Starting tomorrow though, September 16th, will have more of the Moto 360 available for buyers to get their hands on. Starting Tuesday they’ll finally have more stock, but we’re not sure how good this news really is because at the end of the blog post they said, “You’ll want to hurry as quantities will be limited.” Hinting at the fact that they’ll likely sell out extremely fast again.

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In less than an hour it was backordered and sold out from all three outlets mentioned above, and we’ve been hearing more stock would be available at Best Buy retail stores around the US on the 14th. However, after a quick glance at Best Buy here in Las Vegas, it still seems to be completely sold out both online, and in stores.

Pre-orders for the new Moto X start at 11 AM Central Time, but Motorola didn’t give a select time for the new smartwatch. Most likely they’ll both go up at the same time, but we can’t say for sure. What this does mean though is that buyers will want to stay tuned to, as the device will appear in stock, and likely be sold out rather quickly. Don’t expect it to last very long.

Last week we mentioned the Google Play Store received more, but they were gone in less than 5 minutes. I saw them in stock, and then they were gone. A few comments on Twitter and other social networks have confirmed the Google Play Store has a few at a time and quickly lists them, then it goes back out of stock, so it’s all a waiting game at this point.

Moto 360 Hands On - 1

Overall the Moto 360 release hasn’t been very smooth. It was delayed over two months longer than the first two Android Wear watches, appears to not have the best battery life compared to the others, and doesn’t have customization like many expected from the Motorola teaser videos leading up to the release.

For now the Moto 360 is somewhat available, and will continue to sell out til more stock becomes available. You can get it in black with a black strap, or silver with a grey leather strap for $249, and an all stainless steal variant is expected to arrive in November. Stay tuned for more details, and we’ll update once we learn more information from Best Buy, Motorola, or others.

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