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Moto 360 Teases the Beauty of Android Wear in 2 Minute Video



Yesterday Google finally revealed all the details about its brand new operating system for devices like a smartwatch, Google Glass, and other wearable devices called Android Wear. After first being announced in March consumers have been anxiously waiting for more details, specifically about the Moto 360, and now we have an official demo video.

Google unveiled Android Wear instead of a “Google Smartwatch” back in March as a new platform for wearable devices, starting with the smartwatch. The same day both LG and Motorola made announcements showing off a quick glance at the LG G Watch, and the round Moto 360. While the latter has received more attention, Google opened up pre-orders for the LG G Watch last night.

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Over the past few months more and more details surfaced about Android Wear, the LG G Watch, and rumors of a Samsung Android Wear device, but information on the Moto 360 was hard to come by. However, as buyers wait for it to be released, the company has delivered an official demo and hands-on for your viewing pleasure below.


Yesterday at Google I/O all the details were finally revealed regarding Android Wear. How it will work with our devices, and that we won’t need to install apps to the smartwatch. Everything is done on your smartphone, and certain aspects of each app will work seamlessly with the watch.

Without getting into Android Wear as an OS too much, today Motorola has released a demo showing off the software on their own device. Rather than take the same approach as Pebble, Samsung, and even the LG G Watch, Motorola’s smartwatch will be round, like a traditional watch. They want it to be a piece of jewelry first, that just so happens to be extremely smart.

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Our first look at the Moto 360 in the wild happened a few weeks ago, but that aside we haven’t seen or heard and specific details. Rumors are still suggesting a summer launch, hopefully before the end of July, and for those patiently waiting take a peek at the stunning watch in action below.

What separates the Moto 360 from other Android Wear devices we’ve seen thus far is the lack of a bezel around the display, making the Android Wear OS seem in your face and very actionable and usable, but it’s also round. There’s no typical square design with large bezels for an uncomfortable feeling on your wrist. Users at Google I/O are suggesting the round shape actually makes it feel like there’s more screen space to work with and navigate the UI, not less.

Above Motorola’s Cathay Bi gives us a tour of the hotly anticipated smartwatch, shows off some features and uses of Android Wear, and of course talks about the beautiful aluminum watch-like design, and standard leather wrist strap.


That isn’t all though, as you can see above Motorola will also be offering a fully titanium or aluminum standard watch strap, just like many users around the world are use to having. The LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live are both plastic, so this could be one more area the Moto 360 is better than what’s currently available.

Even though the device looks a little tall and large, it should be rather impressive once released and consumers have heavy praises from what they’ve seen thus far. It’s worth noting an HTC One Wear is expected to be debuted soon, and we’re hearing the Fossil Watch group and many others will be offering and releasing Android Wear-powered devices and smartwatches in the near future.



  1. xgman

    06/27/2014 at 6:53 am

    The problem with this as a watch is that it isn’t on all the time apparently. You have to push the button or whatever. Kind of a nuisance as far as a watch goes.

  2. Cory Gunther

    06/30/2014 at 4:09 pm

    you’ll still be able to see a dim display showing the time, but the full light wont be on until you push the button. Is what we understand.

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