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MOTO Android Media Platform: AMP MID



Before you get to crazy about this Android 2.0 MID, it is a reference design at this point. Now that that is out of the way, The MOTO Development group has released info to developers (and everyone else) about a reference design for three different MID models that could run Android 2.0 with either an OLED or LCD screen. MOTO is one of those concerns that provide some of the guts of other devices we all drool over including Zune 2.0 and the Livescribe PulsePen, and they’ve also been working on e-Ink internals.

Each of these devices run a Texas Instruments OMAP processor (check the specs for the different flavors)  and come with the now very usual array of BlueTooth, GPS, WiFI, and optional 3G. Screens are capacitive touch screens. Here’s a list of the full specs. Here’s hoping someone picks this up and turns it into a product.

Via Engadget


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