Moto DVX Detailed as Budget Moto X Alternative
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Moto DVX Detailed as Budget Moto X Alternative



We’ve heard about the Moto DVX in the past when it was making its way through the FCC late last month, but details were pretty scarce at that point. However, specs and price points for the device have leaked out, and it looks to be the budget alternative to the Moto X that was launched back in August.

According to one gentleman, the Moto DVX will sport a 4.5-inch AMOLED display, a dual-SIM card slot and Motorola’s new X8 computing system (the same one in the Moto X). The best part is, the Moto DVX is said to be priced between $195 and $245 off-contract, making it an absolute steal for those wanting to get in on the pre-paid market without spending a lot of money up front.

Based on the specs, though, it seems that the Moto X and Moto DVX are quite similar, but rumors point to a lower price point for the Moto DVX. With that said, why is the Moto X more expensive and the Moto DVX cheaper? Well, if we had to take a guess, it’s probably based on manufacturing. As you might know, the Moto X is assembled in the US, while the Moto DVX will most likely be assembled overseas, where labor costs are significantly cheaper.


However, it’s still possible that we’ll see the Moto DVX hit the US at some point, but it may differ slightly than the international version, such as no dual-SIM slot for instance. The overall look of the device looks strikingly similar to the Moto X, which isn’t too surprising considering that its the younger brother in the family, which means Motorola may be aiming for a bit of uniformity.

The big market for the Moto DVX, though, will be emerging markets around the world, where consumers will be able to buy a cheap handset and get pre-paid service at a low cost, without spending a ton of money up front for the device. Usually we don’t see these kinds of devices hit the US, but we certainly wouldn’t be surprised if we did this time around.

We’re not sure when the Moto DVX will officially arrive, but seeing as how it flew through the FCC late last month, an impending announcement may be right around the corner.

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