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Moto DVX Gets Profiled by the FCC



Moto X buyers might have been among the very first users to benefit from Motorola’s post-Google buyout approach to creating handsets, but it seems it won’t be that way for long. The Moto DVX, could be headed to American shores very soon, if filings with the Federal Communications Commission reveal anything about the company’s launch plans.

Discovered by Redditt users overnight, Motorola filed new documents for the GSM version of the Motorola DVX a short time ago. That filing came complete with both front and rear photos of the device. It’s this version of the device that has technology compatible with AT&T’s and T-Mobile’s wireless networks.

Photos of the Moto DVX, filed with the FCC.

Photos of the Moto DVX, filed with the FCC.

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All told, the device pictured in the testing filing with the FCC looks very similar to photos of the Moto X. Similar physical features include its rear indented Motorola logo, and the device’s colored plastic rear-casing.

Users on Sprint won’t be left without the option to pick up the device. A version of the device that supports the carrier’s wireless technology recently made it through FCC certification as well. The filing for that device indicates that the CDMA version of the device will support up to three carriers, with users on Redditt believing that these could be for any of the small network resellers that use Sprint’s network. Right now, that includes Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile and Ting, just to name a few.

As for what technology the device includes, rumors have been very unclear so far. AndroidPolice alleges that the device’s screen size is around 4.5-inches, however, as it simply used the device’s logo to come to that conclusion, it’s not exactly confirmed.

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The documents filed with the FCC did include more than a few mentions of automated voice technology, possibly confirming that the Moto DVX will share the active listening technology that first debuted in the Moto X. That device includes a customized processor that Motorola created specifically so its devices could listen for and interpret voice commands without users having to push a button first. Motorola could use that same processor inside the Moto DV X.

So far, it’s unclear when the DV X will arrive in stores, however FCC filings usually indicate that a device launch is approaching. Manufacturers must submit their devices for certification to the FCC before they can go on sale in the United States.

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