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Moto Hint: Hands On With a Super Small Bluetooth Headset



The Moto Hint is an incredibly small Bluetooth headset that disappears in your ear and delivers connectivity to your phone that you won’t find on just any Bluetooth headset.

Moto Hint is a small Bluetooth headset that hides inside your ear and when paired to an Android phone like the new Moto X it is capable of accessing Google Now and reading you back the important information right in your ear.

This small Bluetooth headset comes in a variety of colors and materials including fabric and wood for a stylish look even though it can easily hide in your ear.

The Moto Hint release date is this fall, but Motorola did not share any more specific timing. You can buy the Moto Hint for $149 later this year direct from Motorola and from retailers.

The Moto Hint is an incredibly small Bluetooth headset.

The Moto Hint is an incredibly small Bluetooth headset.

Motorola did an amazing job making a Bluetooth headset this small and still packing it with sensors that can detect when it is in your ear and when you remove it so that it can save battery life.

There is a small stylish carrying case that doubles as a charger for the Moto Hint when on the go. You’ll get 10 hours of battery life using the built-in charging.

The Moto Hint carrying case also charges the headset.

The Moto Hint carrying case also charges the headset.

With no outward connections to keep the Hint in place it’s easy to assume that it will fall out-of-place when you are moving around, but it stays¬†put surprisingly well. We saw many Motorola employees shaking their heads with various ear sizes and shapes and it stayed in place.

It is comfortable, though we did not have the opportunity to wear one all day like the users we saw throughout the event.

Moto Hint Hands On Video

The short Moto Hint hands on video below shows you what the small Bluetooth headset looks like and the charging case.

The device uses a capacitive button instead of a physical one to make the overall device smaller and the sensors on the inside detect your ear when you place it in, turning the Hint on.

Motorola positions the hint as a wearable, offering access to Google Now in your ear. If you like the idea of easy access to information like Google Glass offers, but don’t want to wear something as obvious as Glass this could be just the thing for you.

While wearing the device you can say, “Ok Google” and then use a Google Now command to perform an action while the phone remains in your pocket. Examples include checking the score of a football game or getting directions to a location.

The phone will show the answer like normal, but it also reads back the answer to you and speaks navigation directions to you as well.

This is a very small headset that almost disappears when worn.

This is a very small headset that almost disappears when worn.

This is a very small device, possibly the smallest Bluetooth headset on the market today, and the carrying case that comes with it will help you avoid losing it when you aren’t wearing it.

When it comes to talking with other people, there are dual noise canceling microphones to help deliver better call quality and after seeing how Motorola tests the audio properties of their smartphones we can’t wait to try the Moto Hint call quality ourselves.

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1 Comment

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