Moto Maker Reportedly Heading to Verizon on November 11
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Moto Maker Reportedly Heading to Verizon on November 11



The Moto X’s companion customization software, Moto Maker, has been an exclusive to AT&T customers only, but it’s rumored that the service will launch on Verizon come November 11, according to mobile insider evleaks. Currently, Moto X buyers who get the phone on any carrier other than AT&T only have white and black colors to choose from, but that’ll change come next month.

Motorola has mentioned before that Moto Maker would be arriving to other carriers in the future, so we’re not surprised by the expansion by any means, but we are a little shocked that Motorola has waited this long to roll it out to Verizon after keeping it only on AT&T for a couple of months. All we’ve heard from Verizon about a Moto Maker launch date has been “later this year.”


Moto Maker was launched back in August alongside the arrival of the Moto X, which was Motorola’s first smartphone to be released since being bought out by Google earlier in the year. The Moto X is hailed to be the best smartphone on the market, but not because of pure specs. The phone comes with some exclusive features, including the Moto Maker customization software that allows buyers to customize their Moto X any way they’d like, as far as the exterior is concerned.

Users can choose between all sorts of colors for the rear battery cover, as well as choose a unique color for the trim of the phone, including the buttons. This is the first time we’re seeing such a huge customization bundle come with a smartphone, and Motorola thinks they’ll attract a lot of consumers just by all of the customization options that they can choose from.

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There’s no word on whether or not current Verizon Moto X owners will be able to trade in their Moto X for a customized version, since they were only able to pick either black or white, but we wouldn’t be surprised if you Verizon didn’t allow this. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with black or white color options, but we know that some users certainly enjoy owning a unique handset with their own personal touch to it.

Of course, this date isn’t official, but based on evleaks’ track record, November 11 seems like a solid date when Verizon will launch Moto Maker for those interested in purchasing the new smartphone.

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