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Moto X 2 Release Pegged for Summer



Motorola has confirmed that its next-generation Moto X 2 flagship will be arriving later this summer. In response to a question on Twitter, Motorola Mobility, which is being transferred from Google to PC-maker Lenovo, teased that the Moto X successor is due to launch “late summer” without giving further details.

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The original Moto X was a smartphone that brought many innovations from Motorola, some of which were later adopted by Google for broader Android devices as part of the KitKat 4.4 release. One of those is an always-on voice command feature where users can activate Google Now at any time, even with the screen off. Other Moto X features include an Active Display where notifications and time would automatically display as text on a blackened screen to save battery life and not require a user to turn on their phones to check the time or alerts as well as gesture-based interactions to quickly launch the camera.


At this time, it’s unclear if Motorola, now as a subsidiary of Lenovo, would continue to offer a high degree of customization on the phone that made the Moto X wildly popular in the U.S. Through the Moto Maker Design Studio, Motorola customers were able to not only choose the trim and colors for the Moto X’s external finish, but also have the phone ship to them with pre-loaded software customization.

Given the advancements in camera technology, screen displays, and processors on the newest generation of flagship phones that were introduced since the beginning of the year, or are rumored for launch in 2014, the Moto X 2 will likely have to ship with beefier specs. 64-bit quad- or octa-core processors, ample RAM, full HD 1080p displays, and megapixel-rich cameras with bright flash and/or optical image stabilizations would all give the Moto X a big boost for upgraders as Motorola and Lenovo head into a generation two release.

In addition to a Moto X 2, it’s been speculated that Motorola would be responsible for a Nexus 6 release, though that information is unconfirmed at this point.



  1. verbalrender

    02/26/2014 at 7:34 am

    Moto X & G are legendary. X2 & Nexus from Motorola should kick the ball out of the park.

  2. Tommy O'Neil

    02/26/2014 at 1:26 pm

    Lol. I can see some name confusion in there:

    (Guy 2 walking around with an old cracked Droid X2 phone)
    (Guy 1 walks up to him)
    Guy 1: “Hey, what phone is that?”
    Guy 2: “Oh, this is the X2..”
    Guy 1: “Uh… no it’s not..”
    (Guy 1 pulls out the Moto X2)
    Guy 1: “THIS is…..”
    Guy 2: “Ohhh yeah… Lul.. Droid X2.. Sorry. :P”

    That’s bound to happen somewhere in the world. xDDD

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