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Moto X Developer Editions Now Available



The developer editions of the Moto X, Motorola’s first flagship phone since it Google purchased it, are now on sale from the company’s website.

Starting today, users can finally order the developer editions of the device from Motorola’s website for $649.99. Unlike the version that is locked to AT&T’s network, users can’t customize the device using the Moto Maker website that Motorola unveiled at the device’s launch. Instead, users will have to make do with a black front bezel and woven white rear case.

That isn’t to say that users have nothing to be excited about. In addition to that special design, the developer editions of the Moto X are completely unlocked. That means that users can switch between carriers in the case of the GSM version and install new applications and versions of Android without all the hassle that users of non-developer unlocked Android have to endure.

The Developer Edition Moto X

The Developer Edition Moto X

Unfortunately, it’s not all good news. The GSM version of the Developer Edition Moto X, which includes 32GB of on-board storage, is completely sold out right now however, the 32GB Developer Edition Moto X for Verizon customers is still in stock. The Verizon version includes a SIM card in the box so that users, won’t need to visit their local wireless store to pay extra to use their device.

Hardware wise, these devices are identical to the Moto X that went on sale to AT&T users on August 23rd.

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Inside each customized or standard Moto X is a 4.7-inch display capable of showcasing high-dentition video, LTE data network compatibility, 2GB of RAM, a 10 megapixel rear-facing camera and a 2 megapixel pixel front-facing camera. The Moto X’s X8 processor includes a specific chip that allows it to continuously listen and interpret voice commands without a user ever having to push a single button. It’s display also allows users to see pending notifications on the device’s screen even when it’s in sleep mode.

Just like AT&T users, Verizon users can also buy the device in store in black and white, however they can’t yet customize the device on the Moto Maker website. While T-Mobile announced that it would carry the Moto X at last month’s launch event, the device has yet to launch on the carrier’s website or in-store.

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